Collision 2.0



Slightly late to the blog on this one….but we produced our second Collision event in January. Hurrah. After the success of the first one in September 2012 we weren’t sure we’d be able to top it but….we did. Once again 80 or so fabulous people came along to drink, debate and dine. This time we held Collision at the Guardian Building. Once again,

The Drum had some nice things to say. You can see the clever people from Adland and Techville who came along.

Slightly different topic this time but still a rousing debate and some might fine food and people chose to join in. This time round we talked about what wasn’t working between Adland and Techville. Why isn’t there more collaboration? Why aren’t there more start ups in residence in UK agencies and why aren’t UK start ups reaping the rewards of our brilliant advertising community? To make things a little different this time we also had four  short story tellers –

IMG_0059 (1)

Nicole Yershon from Ogilvy

Rahul Powar from Thomson Reuters

Andy Bell from Mint Digital

Charlie Pool from HitMeUp

Each of the storytellers got to share with us their perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing Adland and Techville.

We’re looking forward to another event in May 2013. If you want to join in, sign up here 



About Robin Charney

As AAR group's Business Director for Digital, I work with the senior leadership of leading agencies to help them improve their new business and marketing practices I also work with some of the UKs leading brands to help them find and appoint agencies for their Digital work. If you're an agency/consultancy wanting to learn more about what we do or a brand looking for help with either appointing a new agency or evaluating your current agencies, please feel free to get in touch. In addition to the AAR, I produce Collision(@colisn). Collision is a series of London events that brings together Adland and Techville. Its goal is to bring together senior leaders in advertising and start ups to foster more collaboration, conversation and get them hatching evil plans together.
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