Collision wrap up

So we did it. Our first ever Collision event is under our belts. For those of you not familiar with the event, Collision is a series of provocative, inclusive debates to explore the similarities, dissonances and opportunities between Adland and Techville. Adland is the communications sector – advertising, graphic design, content creation, web design & build, SEO, social media etc. Techville comprises Internet entrepreneurs and budding technology engineers. The aim of Collision is to release creative firepower from the silos in which they have grown up and explore areas for knowledge transfer and cooperation.

Why did we develop Collision? Adland and Techville are not two groups that you always think go together but you’d be surprised. I’ve listened to endless rants from people in both communities about how they wanted more agility and more creative freedom. They were frustrated with the often monotonous client work and wanted to build their own apps, products and IP but the business model often didn’t support it and they couldn’t charge clients for it. They needed to start thinking more like startups and entrepreneurs. After all they can make stuff and they certainly know how to sell stuff, why aren’t they the next Mind Candy or Tweetdeck? We began to think about how I could help “Adland” to embrace more entrepreneurial thinking and doing. And how to get Techville to do a better job selling its own stuff and driving marketing through its own brand new channels.

The evening on September 25th was a huge success with 80 high flyers from both sectors on hand. The debate was full of passion and clever discussions. You can see some pictures of the evening here.  There were interesting threads during the debate around the role of narrative and storytelling in advertising. There was also a heated debate about brand vs product in terms of what we as consumers buy. Finally, there was much talk about the value of marketing for start ups. The debate “in the round” went on for about an hour with no one really seeming ready to move on to dinner!

We were also lucky enough to have three of the industries finest publications involved – The Drum, The Kernel and Wired UK.  You can see what the Drum had to say about the evening here.

The next Collision is coming in December. Stay tuned for what’s next!


About Robin Charney

As AAR group's Business Director for Digital, I work with the senior leadership of leading agencies to help them improve their new business and marketing practices I also work with some of the UKs leading brands to help them find and appoint agencies for their Digital work. If you're an agency/consultancy wanting to learn more about what we do or a brand looking for help with either appointing a new agency or evaluating your current agencies, please feel free to get in touch. In addition to the AAR, I produce Collision(@colisn). Collision is a series of London events that brings together Adland and Techville. Its goal is to bring together senior leaders in advertising and start ups to foster more collaboration, conversation and get them hatching evil plans together.
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