What’s going on?

Apart from a bit of travelling in April, I’ve been using our rainy London weather to catch up on a few recent reports.

Econsultancy’s Report on The Progression of Agency Value – developing a model for agency maturity in a digital world is well worth a read.  You can download a copy of the report here. The report is, I understand, one of a series of 3 so keep your eyes out for the next two installments.

Read this report to learn:

  • How agencies are operating in an environment characterised by rapid and continuous change
  • The shift away from traditional practice to new and more diverse areas
  • A model for incorporates a shift from delivering services, towards staging experiences, and eventually to guiding transformations for clients.

In a nutshell, the report is shedding more light on the increasing need I see within ad-land to learn the dark arts of the science of marketing. For decades agencies have been the font of all things creative and have been resting on their laurels of late (IMHO). Today, agencies have to not only master the idea but also master the science of measuring the success of the idea. If they fail to add this to their repertoire of services to clients, clients will either take the work in house or go elsewhere.

On a similar theme, I am loving the Google insights series. The article on Lean Communications was another supporting point to the need for agencies to act more like start ups. They need to be nimble, to iterate constantly and to adopt an “agile” planning method. Welcome to the dawn of the The Age of Agile Creativity.

I also checked out what Nokia are doing with its social strategy with the help of Brilliant Noise founding partner Antony Mayfield. Now Nokia are a brand that have suffered greatly in the last year or so and it’s good to see them dusting themselves off and getting back into the ring. They are taking all the right steps to rebuilding their brand by putting focus on building a community.  After all, community is one of the foundation stones now of great brands. Without community would Instragram have sold to Facebook for $1Billion? Would Draw Something have been snapped up by Zynga 6 weeks after launch!? Tech brands need to be social brands and at the forefront of building, managing and leveraging their communities both offline and online. That’s part of the recent work I’ve been doing with Adobe. It’s also the work I am finding most of my clients are looking for.


About Robin Charney

As AAR group's Business Director for Digital, I work with the senior leadership of leading agencies to help them improve their new business and marketing practices I also work with some of the UKs leading brands to help them find and appoint agencies for their Digital work. If you're an agency/consultancy wanting to learn more about what we do or a brand looking for help with either appointing a new agency or evaluating your current agencies, please feel free to get in touch. In addition to the AAR, I produce Collision(@colisn). Collision is a series of London events that brings together Adland and Techville. Its goal is to bring together senior leaders in advertising and start ups to foster more collaboration, conversation and get them hatching evil plans together. www.colisn.com.
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